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The Tree

A wee while ago I nipped off into the beautiful heart of the Snowdonia National Park to photograph a tree, Not just any tree………

This is probably the most photographed tree in Wales and rightly so, situated on the shores of lLynn Padarn and framed by the peaks of Snowdonia it makes for an awesome sight. After waiting for a few hours in the cold for the rain to stop I indulged  my love of black and white long exposure photography to capture the image. Thankfully the mist cleared and left a bit of sunlight through.

Readers of my previous ramblings will know of my love of surreal skies and deep tones in my images and it’ll be no surprise to see those traits in full force here. Anyhow, thats enough waffle here’s the image.

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P.S all my landscape images are available as very limited edition prints by request ūüôā


Lake View


January saw us braving the gale force winds that hammered the UK to continue Bri’s Black Planet series of images.

Black planet is a stark look at the world with foreboding moody skies, smeared clouds and eerily smooth bodies of water. The image series is processed in black and white and mounted on a white matt for presentation.

This image shows the power station at Fiddlers Ferry.



Busy Autumn….

‘Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness ……’

Autumn is such a captivating & colourful time of year, however thus far, for us anyway, it seems that ‘black and white’ photography has taken prominence in our portfolio since Bri has taken to shooting more and more urban landscapes. Using filters and long exposures, Bri has enjoyed creating deliciously deep tones in his images.
Bri’s image ‘Up to his neck’ was used in the Formatt Hitech sales brochure. For this image he used their Firecrest 16stop neutral density filter to capture the huge wooden head on Barmouth beach. He has also since been¬† showcased¬† on the Formatt Hitech website as a featured photographer with a selection of his images where he has used the Formatt Hitech filter system to help create the beautiful rich tones in his images.


Up to his neck in it.




We are also proud  to have one of our images of the beautiful burlesque performer, Sukki Singapora grace the cover of Burlesque Bible magazine. Congratulations Sukki & Glo, this is their second magazine cover together!
Sukki also has a fabulous feature inside the magazine, accompanied by more images of InaGlo Photography.



Burlesque Bible cover.



Glo also got all seasonal with a really fun shoot with the stunning Leah Murphy. Autumn reds & golds, gave a beautiful backdrop for her in the shot below where Leah is attired in the beautiful ‘Glo Gown’ …. yes Glo is very excited to have a fairytale gown named after her by the super talented Rosie Dennington¬† of Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture.

Leahs’ make-up was by the ever fabulous Samantha Gardner who has since gone on to be Mrs Samantha Taylor … congratulations Sam & Mike, what a beautiful & unique wedding. Thank-you for inviting us to be a part of your special day, it was a real treat for us to enjoy such an occasion without being behind the cameras for once!
This image also won the daily theme competition for Glo, over on PurplePort… the theme of course was ‘Autumn’




Leah Murphy


Awesome August ….. part one.



August saw a few fabulous happenings for us, we managed a little trip to Paris, met corsetieres from around the globe at the wonderful Sparklewren in Birmingham, and a location shoot down in Oxford with the wonderfully talented Rosie Dennington of Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture,
September is looking equally exciting for us, with a front cover on Burlesque Bible magazine featuring the stunning Sukki Singapora, and an impending shoot with beautiful actress Leah Murphy, but first, lets get back to August …..

We first met Rosie Dennington last year when Rosie was an intern to the fabulous talent that is Jenni Hampshire, in her Sparklewren Birmingham boutique.
A shoot with both designers followed on the 1st of May at Winterbourne gardens, Birmingham, and Rosie’s images from the day were to be for her first Look-book.
Beautiful Emily Mcleish modelled Rosie’s designs, and as the 1st of May turned out to be the first boiling hot day of the year with harsh overhead sunlight, it was also to be our first location shoot using our new Lencarta battery operated lights which came in pretty handy to deal with the mid day sun … there were a lot of firsts that day!

We were all happy with the outcome of the images for the Look-book, said we’d do it all again and went our separate ways. However, little did we know that before the end of 2013, Rosie’s father Jon, would get the Look-book into the hands of Rosie’s long-time idol – actress Helena Bonham Carter… yes, that is THE Helena Bonham Carter!!!
A little happy jig was performed here at InaGlo upon hearing the news that the stunning Helena Bonham Carter had personally looked upon our images to peruse Rosie’s work. We were also totally ecstatic to hear that Helena had chosen Rosie’s cage gown to wear for a New York photoshoot with non-other than photographer Mario Testino for the International Best Dressed List featured in Vanity Fair, September 2014 issue…. such an incredible outcome for all Rosie’s hard work!



Rosie press.


Read all about it here …Rosie in the Daily Mail




So, fast forward to Sunday Aug 10th 2014, and as the morning sun shone down on our backs as we stood at the front door of the quaint old cottage in a sleepy little village in the Oxfordshire coutntryside, we may just have been forgiven for thinking this shoot would follow the same pattern as the boiling hot day we shot for Rosie the year previously. However, the weather forecast had said otherwise, and so nerves were just a little on edge for the day ahead.
As the cottage door opened we were greeted so very warmly by our hosts for the day, Jon & Elaine Dennington, Rosie’s wonderfully kind and more than helpful parents. Straight away they put us at ease and made us feel extremely welcome and right there, we knew this was going to be a good day, no matter what the weather decided to throw our way.

It wasnt long before the kitchen was a hive of activity, models arriving, and making up, gowns being twirled, and lots of tea being drunk. It was quickly decided that due to weather forecast of doom & gloom, that the original location for the shoot was just a little too risky, and so leaving the models in make-up, we trotted off the short distance to our new location, and I do mean short … like over the road… to get a feel for the place! What a lovely little location it was too, a small orchard belonging to Rosies family which was perfect to show off the gowns. There was an overhead shelter area where we could set up tables for picnics and stash the the camera gear whilst sheltering half dressed models from rain… and boy did it rain! Beautiful fruit trees in bloom, twisty wooden benches, and a beautiful relic of a rusted old car that just screamed out to be shot!
While still waiting for the models to come over to us, the sun disappeared and was replaced by a pretty feisty thunderstorm. The rain was so heavy and the sky so dark, it looked as if it was in for the day. However, the strong winds that followed helped push the clouds on, and so we had beautiful blue skies once more, though I guess it was a tad ‘breezy’ to be attired in tulle. The¬† weather didnt deter our eager models Miss Deadly Red, and Rosie Piggot¬† who were absolute troopers and the shoot went very¬† well considering there was lots of dashing for shelter between the heavy showers that came and went in the blink of an eye. Bare feet were replaced with Hunter wellies to accompany beautiful pale gowns, and sweaters & blankets covered corseted waists ^ bare shoulders when the gales came, Everyone¬† on hand really helped to make sure we got done what was needed, so thank you to each of you that helped on the day.
It was sad to say goodbye at the end of the day, and though exhausted, after the 3 hour trip home our fingers were itching to get the images uploaded and see what we had, which as it turned out, were some pretty fantastic images for Rosie’s new Look-book.

Some shots from the day ….. The Wild Roses Collection, by Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture …


Miss Deadly Red                                                                 .

Rosie Pigott                                                                    .

Miss Deadly Red                                                            .

Rosie Red Corsetry and Couture


Out to sea

We recently took full advantage of a minor miracle in the NW of England………SUNSHINE,

So without wasting a second we headed off to see Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” installation on Crosby Beach on Merseyside. The installation consists of a hundred or so life sized cast statues of the artist himself facing out to sea along the beach, they make for quite a striking and yet tranquil viewing experience.

Out to see

This particular figure caught my attention due to the small model bird that had been added to his shoulder ūüôā

One Tribe

I recently photographed a concert for one of my fave bands, New Model Army.

NMA are veterans of a 30+ year musical journey and their family of followers are a still as hungry for the music as they were at the very start.

New Model Army


Justin Sullivan


X Metal

Still on the product photography path at the moment, this time photographing expensive sunglasses, shooting these little beauties was actually incredibly difficult as the lights needed to be placed to bring out the highlights and form without showing in the lenses.



It finally feels like winter is breaking and turning into spring, so raise a glass to a pleasant summer…….

A moment of your time

Another little snippet of out product photography endeavours. Everyday items don’t have to be bland and on a white background!!

The time is now

Time to play

We do products too

Just incase you were thinking that we only photographed people, we thought we’d best put the record straight and tell the whole world that we do shoot products too and we’d love the opportunity to provide images for your business.