Passage of time

Time waits for no man, or anything else for that matter. Over the last few weeks I’ve been out and about enjoying shooting some personal project images. I’m currently in a long exposure and black + white phase producing images that are stark, otherworldly or show the passage of time with elements of the image showing movement.

still waters

These particular images were taken using a long exposure technique with shutter open durations up to 4 minutes, this shows the movement of the clouds or water as they cross the frame.

To enable the camera to record this movement within a still frame I use special glass filters in front of the lens to reduce the light transmission into the camera.

After using several brands of filters, I finally found a filter manufacturer that I’m 100% happy with. The Formatt-Hitech Firecrest range of filters are the most neutral I’ve ever used! With virtually no colour cast on the image which means the image recorded on the camera sensor is the same as it’s seen with the eye. Users of some of the other major brands of filter would often have to spend precious time in an editing program correcting the strong colour shift in the image as I have done in the past. Thankfully that is behind me now, I say thankfully because I don’t like to spend time editing my images on my mac 🙂

Breaking Day


In all of these images the water was advancing towards me as the tide came in ( this happens quicker than you might think, so stay safe and wear your wellies 😉 ) and was quite rough with fairly large waves but due the long exposure times used, the sea records silky smooth and clouds become a beautiful surreal blur as time ticks by.

The Empty Jetty


In order to record a sharp image over such a long period of time, I’ve had to invest in some sturdy kit to hold the camera perfectly still, you can read an older blog post about my choice of tripod head from the awesome guys at FLM GmbH. I also use the Lucroit filter holder system to hold my Firecrest filters in place and prevent stray light from affecting the image.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve been up to.





Images are © of Brian Woods / InaGlo Photography and all rights are reserved.

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